Trips and Events

Below are links to photo albums for a variety of Mog and other events

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New Barstow Cleanup Oct 2008: Another desert cleanup event was put on by and sponsored by Camburg Engineering.

Calico Cleanup Feb 2008: Didn't get many pictures of the actual cleanup as we were spread over a large area. Mostly pictures of horsing around on the trails.

Truckhaven Jan 2008: A weekend of four wheeling in the MUD down by the Salton Sea.

NorthWestMogFest 2007: Another massive collection of Euro off highway vehicles playing in the dirt in Oregon

Calico Cleanup - Feb 2007: The first of a yearly event to clean up the trails and camping areas around Calico Ghost Town. Also see event web site at .

Barstow Cleanup - December 2006: This desert cleanup event was put on by and sponsored by Camburg Engineering. This is planned to be the first in a series of quarterly cleanups in the Southern California Desert area.

MogFest 2006: A huge turnout of Unimogs and other european high mobility trucks.

Calico Trail Scouting; Sept-2006: A weekend running the trails in the Calico Mountains.

Cleghorn Day Trip July-2006: Just above Lake Silverwood in the San Bernardino mountains is a nasty rutted trail that makes for a great day run.

Father's Day Trip June-2006 -Mazourka Canyon: Just north of Lone Pine on 395. A warm weekend of wheeling in the Inyo Mountains.

TDS Desert Safari 2006: Or; how to roll your 406 in one easy lesson. 1500-2000 off roaders all in one place.

Johnson Valley "Hammers" Feb-2006: A day trip to the infamous Hammers trails.

Stoddard Valley Cleanup Jan-2006: In January I attended a cleanup day at the old Sidewinder camping area just south of Barstow. Every year people who use this area for off road recreation volunteer to come out and clean up trash dumped mostly by the people in the local area.

NorthWestMogFest 2005: The sixth year of the North West Mog Fest, the largest gathering of Unimogs in North America, is held in Sheridan, Oregon.

Big Bear Father's Day Trip June-2005: This was an annual three day event where a group of guys pack up our gear and head out to go four wheeling. The previous winter provided record rainfall which made a mess out of what were previously difficult trails.

Calico Ghost Town April-2005: Just a good excuse to go four wheeling and enjoy the scenery. The first third of the photo's are on the trail, then mine pictures and flowering plants in the area.

TierraDelSol Desert Safari 2005: The 43th annual event. We have attended for the last eight years.

3N59A Jan-2005: A cool muddy day run on the north side of Big Bear.

New Years Run 2005: We went camping near the Salton Sea in the Truckhaven area.

Mogfest 2004: Held once again at the Calico Ghost Town campground just north of Barstow, California. A huge turnout of over sixty people and fourty trucks. More photo's of the event from Blair Gillespie and Mark Dickson.

Big Bear 9/11/04: Our regular four wheeling bunch took a day trip to run some trails in the Big Bear area of the San Bernardino mountains.

NorthWestMogFest 2004: Year number five for the Oregon event. There was an overnight trailride Thursday and Friday and events on the farm on the weekend. Click on the links below for photo's:





Panamints 2004: Our annual Father's day "All Guys" trip went to the Panamint Mountains just West of Death Valley.

TDS Desert Safari 2004: The 42th annual event.

Mogfest 2003: (Sorry, no photo's posted yet) Held at the Calico Ghost Town campground just north of Barstow, California. An area filled with abandon silver mines and early mining roads.

NWMF 2003: Another great Unimog family gathering.

Mog@Moab 2003: Annual trip to Moab, Utah for the Easter week 4x4 bash.

TDS Desert Safari 2003: The 41th annual event.

Mogfest 2002: Same location by the Salton Sea and still a blast.

NWMF 2002: This was the first year I was able to bring my Mog.

TDS Desert Safari 2002: The 40th annual event held in the Truckhaven Hills area near the Salton Sea put on by the Tierra del Sol 4WD club in San Diego.

Calico 2001: An annual Halloween run put on by the Gad-Zuks Samurai club.

MogFest 2001: Same weekend in October but this time the event was held just west of the Salton Sea in the Truckhaven Hills area. Miles of ancient ocean bottom with unlimited washes, plateaus and hills.

NWMF 2001 The annual North West MogFest event beginning in 2000 held in Sheridan, Oregon by the Molloy family open to all who own and/or enjoy Unimogs. Visit the NWMF site.

MogFest 1999: A very HOT weekend in Anza Borrego. My Mog was still in pieces. Visit the MogFest web site.

MogFest 1998: A three day weekend in October in the Big Bear area of the San Bernardino mountains in southern California. This was the first MogFest gathering and was organized by Kai Serrano, Chris White and Alan Draper (me).